Back on the road. Back to bloggin’.

So we’ve missed a ton of time updating the blog and I’m going to have to dive right back in to the present to get restarted. I have some half-written blogs from the last 6 months that I will eventually get uploaded, but here’s the not-so-quick recap.

After the last post – arriving in Maine in July – we went to Iceland. It was amazing and will someday get its own full post. There are far too many amazing places and pictures to cover here.

Playing behind Seljalandsfoss.
Hiking above Þórsmörk.

On the way from Maine back to Oregon we did some mountain biking in Copper Harbor, Michigan.

Looking good.
Perhaps I should have stopped at this nice little jump.
Add Hancock, MI to the list of emergency rooms I’ve visited.
Grade 2/3 AC Separation. Ugh.

After recuperating in Oregon for a while we spent a month in the Southwest. My parents were in New Zealand so we took care of Leif, their mini Aussie puppy. We went to Phoenix first; Sara volunteered at Ironman AZ so she can sign up for next year! We also did some biking.

Mountain biking near cacti requires a bit more care. This was a trail near Kingman, AZ.

We also spent a few days with a friend in Vegas.

Leif tours The Las Vegas Strip.

Then we headed to Sedona for Thanksgiving.

Camping outside Sedona.
Improving skills. Shoulder was reasonably healed!
Great fun in the slickrock and gullies around Sedona.
Leif loves to run! He’s a great mountain bike companion.
Full moonrise over the cliffs of Sedona.

From Sedona we headed to visit Sara’s cousin in Durango.

Quick stop at the Four Corners.
Biking in Durango where it was more winter than fall.
Mountain biking at Alien Run outside Aztec, NM. Seriously, read this placque!

After our cousin visit we decided to seek out winter, first at Wolf Creek Pass and then Monarch Pass ski areas in Colorado. Leif absolutely loved the snow!

After a mere two days in the snow we decided we wanted a few more days in the desert so we headed to Moab. Unfortunately, winter had already arrived in Moab, too, so we just hiked and explored instead of biking.

Sara practicing her yoga at Deadhorse Point State Park.
The snow really made the landscape striking.
Camping on BLM land just outside The Needles section of Canyonlands.
Sunset at Bighorn Overlook – Deadhorse Point State Park.

After Moab we headed north to the San Rafael Swell to see the Little Grand Canyon.

Then we hit opening day at Sundance. Bob was nowhere to be seen, except for all the brochures!

Finally, we headed back to drop Leif off in Oregon.

We stopped at the Bonneville International Speedway to see how fast we could drive house, but it is flooded in the winter.
Van glamour shot.

Continuing the scenic route on the way back, we stopped at the Bruneau Sand Dunes south of Mountain Home, ID.

It was windy! I suppose that makes sense for the creation of huge dunes.
Those ears!

Okay, so that’s the update. We spent a few days snowboarding at Crystal Mountain, WA before Christmas. Then after New Year’s we spent a few days with friends at Schweitzer ski resort outside Sandpoint, ID where I played with my new toy – a Rylo 360° camera. Expect a bunch of clips in future posts!

So now we have left Oregon and hit the road for good. A big storm is hitting the Sierras next week so that’s where we are. More to come soon, I promise!

4 thoughts on “Back on the road. Back to bloggin’.”

  1. Michael and Sara, you’re on to new adventures! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing pictures of you and the pups loving the outdoor life!

  2. Thanks for helping us to put your fall rambles in order through this blog. Great pictures, however a shot of “the kid” lying on the ground tangled in his bike at the base of the “monster jump” would have been a nice addition. Perhaps Sara can fill that piece in sometime?!!

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