Time to get back on track! What did we do today?

I’m sorry we have not been blogging as regularly as we should (and promised many of you who want live vicariously through our mid-life adventure crisis). Van building has been a constant and busy adventure and it seems that is where all of our energy has been focused. A few times along the way I thought about just starting from where we are at now because the posting to get completely up-to-date would be rather long! Well, that is what I am going to do. Starting. NOW. At some point I will go back and catch up on everything, but in order to get in a rhythm, I’m just going to start with a daily “what did we do today” blog post. The posts may not be long, but I will get some entry and a picture up every day so keep checking back!

Alright, alright, alright, so what did we do today? My primary focus today was on building the framework for our 25-gallon fresh water tank. The tank came yesterday and it seemed like a fairly discrete project. Of course, there are still way too many decisions to be made on how to frame it in (25 gallons of water is a lot of force sloshing around) so it was not a super quick project. The tank sits on the passenger-side wheel well under the bed. I will still add a bit more bracing (I’d like to find some metal straps to work in), but it is mostly complete. On one of my three (3!) trips to Ace Hardware today I picked up the fittings and tubing for most of the plumbing.

Sara helped with some of the cutting, put polyurethane on one of our initial cabinets, kept working and sewing on our window coverings, and started some detailed planning for our galley cabinet.


And because no post would be complete without a picture of the actual powder hunds, here is a typical view of the van. Kenai taking up a position in the van and Tanzi lying guard outside!





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