As promised…

Two days in a row!

Today was actually rather unproductive on the van. I worked out in the morning and then had a sports massage. Hey, I have to get the old body in shape for snowboarding, too!

In the afternoon it started snowing as expected so Sara and I moved the Hund – that’s what we are calling the van – along with a ton of tools and wood into a friend’s RV bay so we could do some ceiling work this weekend without having to deal with weather. The goal is to get started on the cedar panelling and we need to warm things up to use some adhesive. We have a propane blaster that we will fire up in the van to keep things toasty! We will also be doing some electrical for the ceiling lights and working on the walls so it felt like we moved most of our equipment to the new place – all in the midst of the snowstorm.

We did get one piece of floor trim glued in after we moved inside, but that’s it.

This is what we want to see, but it does make it more challenging to work on the van!

Sometimes we have to come up with creative ways to hold the pieces we are gluing. Here is the pin-the-packing-bubbles-between-the-door-and-the-trim method. Hopefully the bags are putting enough pressure on the trim piece to secure it well.

The pups don’t mind the snow!

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