Van shman. Look at the puppiessss!

Sure, we worked on the van today. We finished up our slider door trim. We finished off our bed brackets (essentially an hour to carefully measure and drill holes for two last bolts). We measured some wood. We cut some wood. We glued some wood. We kept drying out the ceiling.

See, nice looking step there.

Far more importantly, a friend took us out to visit a litter of five-week old Bernese Mountain Dog puppies. Mom had eleven puppies and of course they are adorable. Unfortunately, we did not get to take any home.

The puppies actually weren’t too social untill Mom came to visit. Like a typical Berner, Mom was actually quite demanding of us for attention. She didn’t care that we wanted to play with her puppies, she wanted us to play with her!

All covered in wood shavings.

Yep, they have teeth. Fortunately they don’t really know how to use them yet.

Sara was definitely ready to bring this one home.

Puppy pile! This is seven of the puppies once they got tired of playing with us.

Puppy video!

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