Nothing goes according to plan.

If I had been blogging regularly as promised, you would have heard this many times before. We measure twice and cut three times. We need more adhesive and it is not available in rural Oregon. I literally went to Ace one morning to exchange some bolts I bought the night before for a longer size, then went back a couple hours later to get them again because after counter-sinking my holes they actually were the right size. I just asked the clerk to retrieve them from under the counter where the other clerk had put them for restocking. Every little project is an adventure!

Today we hoped to start on our ceiling, but that didn’t happen. I spent the morning being a good son by cleaning up the driveway. Using my parents’ ancient snowblower is enough to motivate me to keep working on the van because I don’t want to be around the next time it snows! In the afternoon we went down to the garage where we moved the van, but because of yesterday’s snow our friend did not move out his RV, which meant we did not have any space to work. I also got concerned about how much moisture has accumulated under the ceiling insulation because of our use of the propane blaster to keep everything warm, and I want to work on drying it out before we put another layer up. So, I finished the floor trim (probably not a particularly good use of our time, but it will look cool) and then we brought the van back home. I’m going to leave it cooking with dry electric heat  and run the air conditioner at times to see if I can dry it out. This evening while the van cooked I started cutting pieces for our galley cabinet that will have the sink and stove.

Putting the trim around the floor. We will add a regular metal trim piece to cover the exposed edges.

A little lever action to hold the piece tight while the glue sets.

Galley cabinet plans. Plenty of pieces to cut!

Kenai was not happy he was left out of everything today so he took over Sara’s pillow and has no intention of moving.



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